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You fill my spaces,

Where once were

Empty places.

Fitting together,

Like a glove.

Our souls are linked,

By chains of love.

Bound in the glory

Of each others pleasure.

Passionately aware

Of this rare gift,

This unspoken treasure.

Life gives us clues

To what may yet be

But it’s our choices,

Our character,

And desire,

That determines,

When it will be time,

For you and me. 

Foo Fighters - Times like these (Acoustic)

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At the old ballgame

My favorite ballpark!! Happy 100th birthday Wrigley Field!!

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Kim Keever

“Miniature topographies inside 200-gallon fish tanks, based on traditional landscape paintings. Keever fills the tanks with water once he’s sculpted and placed the miniatures, and colored lights and pigments create dense, atmospheric environments. He views his works as an evolution of the landscape tradition and deliberately acknowledges the conceptual artifice.” 

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Hold me close in the light and shadow. Together we are rooted, together we are stronger than the elements. ~Nichelle Gregory

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Late lunch but better late than never…

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Make peace with nature

- Ayn Rand (via wordsnquotes)
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I wake up every day, grateful that I have another opportunity to do something awesome and that we’re in this thing called life, together…

Good morning, tumblrs!!!

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A kiss goodnight….